Bubbles Antistress

Relieve stress by playing this game!

This is not just an application, it is a set of games for relieving stress!

This is a new beginning of the well-known Tetris game. Try it and you will definitely like it.

Just pop the bubbles and enjoy the rest.

In this application, there are several games of your choice. Choose an option and spend time with pleasure.

You will love all our games because they are quite simple and fun. Everything you need for relaxing leisure.

These games will help pass the time in the queue, waiting for transport at the bus stop, just in the evening to distract from the hard working or school day, play while you are commuting.

The application has such games:

1. NO STRESS is a relaxing game with out of 7 very long levels. You just burst the bubbles and go to the next level. Each level has its own color shade.

2. INFINITE WORLD - this game for calming down. The name itself says it all. Pop the bubbles of a long 7 levels, the bubbles will always come back to you.

3. CO-OP GAME is an interesting and unusual way to play, this game for two players. Your phone is divided into two parts as a football field, and each of the participants should burst as many bubbles as possible. Who is the first winner?

4. SPEED is a timed game. You are given a certain period of time and you must burst the bubbles as much as possible.

5. RED ATTACK - this game for the speed of your reaction. You need to have time to click on the bubble, which at a certain point turns red.

6. IN THE FOOTSTEPS - You need to remember where the red bubble was and click on it, but only after it ceases to be red. Remember where the red bubbles hid. Each wrong press will decrease your points.

The rules of the games are quite simple and start playing is not difficult.

Just download the app on your mobile device, tablet, computer, console or TV and relieve your stress!

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